Gps coordinates are not accurate at all

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a LoRaWAN GPS tracker, that sends the GPS Coordinates and the environmental values every 10 sec, when a motion detected.
I am using the RAK5005-O Base, RAK4631 Core, RAK191 GPS Sensor, RAK1904 3-axis Motion Sensor and RAK1906 Environment Sensor.

I have a Problem with the GPS-Sensor, that the GPS coordinates are not accurate at all, According to Google Maps search with the coordinates (50.1576692,010.5783839) I’m about 30KM away from my current location! Although the antenna has a clear view of the sky.
I have used more than one firmware, including the Examples in the Arduino IDE (RAK1910_GPS_UBLOX7.ino and GPS_Tracker.ino), but no deference at all.

Did anyone face the same Problem ?

Your help will be highly appreciated!

Welcome to RAK forum @Mahmoud.Eltabakh :slight_smile:

What is the board version of your RAK4631 installed in Arduino? I advise you to update it to the latest one using our unified BSP - GitHub - RAKWireless/RAKwireless-Arduino-BSP-Index: RAKwireless BSP Support for the Arduino Board Manager

After you update your BSP, can you try this LoRaWAN tracker example? This is the latest one with working decoders for TTN and Chirpstack. Make sure as well that your sx126x library is updated too.

Hello Carlrowan,

thank you very much for your advice, I really appreciate it.
I have updated my IDE and the boards packages to RAKwireless Esp32 Boards 1.0.4 and Rakwireless nRF Boards 0.21.20

But I’m still facing the same Problem, what should I do next?

Are you using the LoRaWAN GPS Tracker example? Would you like to test first using the RAK1910 example so we focus first on the GPS?

I tested with both examples, but no improvement

Hello @Mahmoud.Eltabakh

Do you have another device with GPS capabilities? Or can you try to use your phone (with WiFi and cellular turned off) and try to get a location for comparison?

Thank you all for your quick responses.
I don’t have any issues with any device at my place.
I tested further with an Arduino UNO and a GPS shield, with the MTK-MT3339 module on it, and as predicted the coordinates I’m getting are pretty precise, just a couple of meters away from my location.