GPS issue on RAK7249 with Loriot gateway binary

Issue: GPS won’t work when I run the Loriot binary on RAK7249

Setup: RAK7249 running “WisGateOS_1_1_1” and with the Loriot binary installed

LoRa® Server: Loriot

Hi, when I run the Loriot binary ( a gateway software from Loriot which is highly integrated with that network server and compatible with RAK7249) the GPS dosen’ start. If I connect via SSH the file cat \dev\ttyS1 is empty. If I run the Packet forwarder in cat \dev\ttyS1 I can find the right GPS information refreshing one time per second.
I think that’s a port configuration issue, maybe baudrate, but I didn’t manage to solve it.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you