GPS lock and continuous measuremens

Hi there,

In common GPS sensors you wait a few minutes for the satellite lock

But after that, measurements are continuous and “real time”

Why this unit is waiting every single time 100 seconds for a GPS read?

Yes, in LoRa you can’t push realtime data, but 100s vs 30s is a long wait


It would help if there was some understanding as to what you need as well.

at the moment I just want to plot the coverage of my LoRaWAN gateway

1 data point every 100s is not that … detailed :slight_smile:

Hi @cipy,
I suggest you check your device’s sleep mode. When your device goes to sleep and wakes up the GPS should be updated and this is the reason why it takes so long (about 100-120s) to read the GPS data. If you set your sleep mode to 0 it will take about 30s for the GPS data to be read.

and, … how can I set the sleep mode?

using at+setconfig=lora:send_interval:1:1 sleeps for 1 second

using at+setconfig=lora:send_interval:1:0 after a while goes

OK Sleep

and it doesn’t seem to come back no matter what I do. sending Break on serial is useless too


Hi @cipy,
You can use at+set_config=device:sleep:0 or at+set_config=lora:send_interval:2:30 .

cool, at+set_config=lora:send_interval:2:30 seems to work

btw, what is :2 and what is :30?

thanks :slight_smile:

A very good question, given that the official docs say it should only be:

where X is seconds

but a quick Google brings up instruction on the TTN that says:

where X is 0 or 1, on or off, and Y is seconds

along with many other websites, including RAK’s own.

Hi @cipy,
In this command at+set_config=lora:send_interval:X: Y, x can take 3 positions (0,1 and 2) and each of them determinates the work mode of the node. For example, if you choose 0 your node won’t send data, if you choose 1 your node will send data and sleep for Y seconds and if you choose 2 it will send data without sleep.

Hi @nmcc,
You are right, we haven’t documented this yet because we are still working on the new doc center.
As soon as we get it ready everything will be there.

Which firmware level will this work on?

I don’t really understand what you mean by “firmware level”. Could you explain?

Which version of the firmware will these new settings work on?

It works on and the latest one (