GPS position over p2p

Issue: Send GPS position over p2p in intervals

Setup: 2 RAK5205


Details: Did someone create a custom message to send the Lora GPS position in P2P to another Lora node?

Hi @ophirg123 ,

I am not aware of anyone who did a custom firmware for RAK5205 to send GPS data via P2P.

You can explore this by using RUI.

You can check these codes as reference.

RAK5205 default code with GPS data via LoRaWAN
RAK811 P2P code (should work on RAK5205 as well)

Of course the easier path is use an external MCU and use AT command to get data from RAK5205 and transmit it via P2P.

Or use the WisBlock Kit 2 and write your own firmware :sunglasses:

RAK7205/RAK5205 is EOL and no longer produced.

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I hoped someone will save me time. Thank you very much!

I am not sure if I will compile the RAK811 files on the RAK5205, if I will lose any features like GPS and other sensors.

If you compile RAK811 P2P without adding the functions related to GPS, you will not have those functionalities. The .c and .h files of RAK5205 are in the link I posted above so you will be able to use it directly.

Another teaser:

WisBlock LPWAN Tracker supports LoRaWAN, P2P and is open source.

Used WisBlock modules:

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