GPS sensivity on Wisblock

Hello to All ,

I’m using Wisblock Gps Sensor Rak1910 connected to TTS and Ubidots as iot platform . I’ve made a code using the example supplied from Rak .

the problem that i found is the precision that for me have some problem . the data of LAT e LON change to much and the map trace results is wrong .

in attach the serial output and an the relative output onUbidots

samoine have the same results ?

Are you inside a building? Does the device have clear sight of the sky?

I checked the Serial output and see the consistency at 4th decimal places. That should give you around +/- 5 meters accuracy.

Is the device turned on for a long time or you shut it down then get another GPS signal again?

The device is turned on from long time but i reset often . The datai post is from the device placed outside with blue sky

standing still without obstacles above the device , the trace moove 100 meters in all direction

i reset many time , it receive a new signal without problem in 30 second from cold start .

30 seconds is a warm start. GPS needs time to gather the ephemeris data and time find half a dozen satellites before it will give you a reasonable accuracy. Every time you reset it, it ends up with partial data as to what is going on unless you leave it along for 20 minutes or so.

See this: Gps coordinates are not accurate at all - #11 by nmcc