Ground planes and helium antennas?

I am seeking to upgrade my antenna for my RAK helium miner. In my research on general R.F theory, on which I have no formal training or studies, I discovered the concept of the ‘ground plane’ antenna. This type of antenna has rods protruding from the base of the monopole at specific angles and lengths that correspond to the length of the antenna and the desired transmitted frequency and some math I don’t understand.

In theory, it directs groundwaves and other waves in a way that allows them to transmit with more DB and have a bit more range. I am wondering why there are no helium antennas that are sold by vendors with ground planes. Are ground planes ineffective for the application of helium mining? Can a third party or DIY ground plane be fitted to a RAK wireless antenna?


Some companies do offer those actually. Mainly these have the benefit of being a bit shorter, which is not that important for Helium wavelengths I suppose.
Also their radiation pattern is a bit narrower if I am not mistaken. As for the gain I don’t believe it is quite like that, antenna type does relate to gain, but it is about the particular implementation rather than the type. Our 5dBi and 8dBi antennas are both dipoles, yet they are 3dB apart.
In short do not overthink it, get something around 5dBi, onmidirectional, VSWR of around 1.5 if possible.


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