Has anyone here already used the RAK5146L EU433 region module?

I test the RAK5146L with RPI board. I connected a 433MHz 5 dbi antenna on the uFL connector.
After starting the packet forwarder everything seems ok.
So I started a LoRa 433MHz sensor and check its good reception in the packet forwarder
I checked with a spectrum analyzer the output power of the sensor = 12 dBm

10 meters separate the sensor from the RAK5146L card.

The packet forwarder receives the lora frames from the 433M sensor but what seems problematic to me is the reception level:
RSSI=-90 dBm
SNR=-5 dBm

These are not at all the levels observed in 868M over short distances.

Later I will put the distance between the sensor and the RAK5146 module but I fear that this will break the radio link.

Thx for u help.