Having trouble connecting to Helium

I have been having issues on and off connecting to the Helium network. There is really only 1 node in this local area but it’s in my apartment. I can connect to my TTN gateway just fine, but Helium has been having issues. For example, I was able to connect all day yesterday, but haven’t been able to connect again since 4:15 yesterday. I have tried re uploading the code and tried both my rak devices and neither can connect. Does anyone know why this is happening? I am about to set on up in a place that will not be easy accessible but they have way better helium coverage in that area. Is there anything I can do to help my device stay connected?

Sometimes being too close to the gateway can cause problems by overloading the receiver, leading to corrupted packets or confusing “ghost” versions on channels other than the real one.

I am atleast 25 feet from it

If your TTN connection works, then the issue can be coming from the Helium side. I suggest you closely monitor Helium status in their official discord channel. It seems are lots of issues, updates and changes in the pass few days.