Helium app link error

Hello, a week after migrating to solana, my rak hotspot unlinked from the helium app, it stopped being visible in helium hotspot, my antenna became inactive, when I try to add the hotspot again in the app it just doesn’t detects it, finds nothing. When I try to link it in hotspotty it finds it but in the end it gives an error, sometimes it says that it already has another owner. It also does not allow me to withdraw the funds from the helium wallet. I have written to the support of Solana, Helium and Rak, I have tried to communicate through the discord but it does not allow me to write either. Hotspotty support does not provide me with any solution, they say that I should contact you. I have tried in various ways but you do not give me any answer.

As you can see no hotspot appears

This is my hotspot that no longer appears or allows me to link

As you can see, it does not allow me to communicate through the discord

And this was the last message I received from support

Sorry to hear that you are unable to join their Discord and have not heard back from them. You may want to try this link that I found on their site. Got Questions? Find Technical Support from RAKwireless - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy . Can you tell me what wallet you are logged into? You can find this by going to the little sprocket then go to > Share Address > choose Solana. It does look like the hotspot was transferred on May 19th to this wallet 2Pvu7ifqhX8YRUy6bAaRegVwC1TZWNAusYUUnqZzT6pm . Hotspotty