Helium Hotspot Changing Frequencies?

Hi, we are seeing something weird with our RAK v1 and v2 Helium Hotspots.

Our latest order, which were all US/AU v2 hotposts, we starting to notice some of them communicating in frequencies 904 (US) as well as 867 (EU). I’ve attached a picture of one of their latest challenges from our system as an example below:

We were told that the US/AU Hotspots wouldn’t be able to switch to EU frequencies and now we are seeing this happening.

Can you confirm if it is indeed possible for the same hotspot to switch between US/EU and AU frequencies? If so, is there something I can do to force it into using the right frequencies in each region?

Thank you!

The best place to ask that question is Helium Discord.

But as far as I know, there is no way you can force that. It will automatically use the right frequency for your region. Are you in US or in EU region?

Your first device, working on EU868:
You put the location of Howling Bubblegum Unicorn to somewhere in UK. Miners are selecting their working frequency based on the location you place them UK ==> EU868. You should not buy an US915 Miner and use it in Europe. You will not be very happy with it.

For example my miner, placed in Philippines, selects AS923-3 as working frequency.

There is no option to select the frequency manually.

For other questions, as Carl mentioned, go to Helium Discord channel.

Yes, I have tried that… have yet to get any reasonable answer other then “it will switch, but you shouldn’t”… Not trying to do anything nefarious here, just trying to understand the workings behind this weird behavior that most said wasn’t possible.

@beegee that is not my device. Mine is the Winning Violet Condor, US model, asserted to Miami, US.

The rest are the supposed witnesses of this hotspot, which, I agree makes no sense, are EU hotspots located in the UK.

Ok just got it… this specific challenge mine was the Challenger… so no problem there.

@fcampos, my fault, didn’t see it is the list of witnesses.

It is getting weird. You hotspot located in Florida got witnessed by other miners in UK :open_mouth:

I think your miner broke the world record for LoRa transmission range. :rofl:

Best thing is to go to Discord channel. Magic1 is the one to ask there.

Lol, no problem at all!

Just realized that when analyzing challenges I simply forgot to filter out the ones where I am a Challenger, in which case it doesn’t matter where the witnesses are… :sweat_smile:

So hear me out . I managed to find a hotspot that I want to buy but the frequency is EU868 but I am located here in Manila Philippines . Since the hotspot will supposedly connect to the Asia frequency AS923 , would it be a bad idea to buy the Euro 866. Will that affect how much HNT I will be able to get ?

This will not work at all, you will not be earning anything as it is not able to work on the AS923 at all.