Helium Integrations to a SQL database from the RAK4631

Hi folks,

Nice Forum. I’ve been reading tons and have found a lot of good resources/answers here. Thank you for the community. My background is a software/database developer with a lot of IOT experience (Calamp, Enfora, Security Panels, etc).

We currently have a Cellular (LTE) application and are looking to see if we can transition some of our sites to the Helium network. We purchased the RAK Wisblock Development (RAK5050/RAK4631) kit and can now see data being transmitted in the Helium console from our test node (sends Temp/Humidity data). Was very easy to set up and am impressed.

We have our own SQL back-end and Front End dashboard we use. I am currently stuck on the best way to get the Uplink data (temp and humidity) to our SQL backend. I looked at Cayenne but could not find the RAK Wisblock device (although did see a RAK Wireless WisNode and a RAK811). I tried these but could not get them to work.

Does anyone have any recommended Integrations I should look into deeper? Are there any tutorials you all can point me to to show me how to extract RACK4631 data from the Helium console into a MS SQL Server database?

I have spent a lot of time looking but have not found something applicable. I will keep researching here but thought maybe someone here would have more insight.

I am investigating HTTP and JSON now and see how far I can get.

Thanks for your help,
Garry from Canada

Hi @garrywh welcome to the forum.

And thank you for your positive feedback, I am glad that we could satisfy you with our documentation.

For Helium Console and MQTT, I never tried that. In my country the Helium Network is not reliable (still too less Helium gateways), so my usage of it is limited.

Did you try the MQTT integration that the Helium console offers?

Seems to be straight forward to use:

Thank you Bernd. I will explore MQTT further…