Helium Mapper no longer working

Helium Mapper had been working up until 2 days ago.
UART/serial shows no comms for trying to establish contact.
Will show updated settings from LPWAN setup, but nothing else.
Reflashed firmware with no luck.
Device also becomes unreachable after 2-3 mins via BT.
Anyone have any ideas?


  • RAK5005-O
  • RAK4631
  • RAK1904
  • RAK1910
  • RAKBox-B2
  • LoRa antenna
  • BLE antenna
  • GPS antenna

Welcome to the forum @bclounch

After power-up, if the WisBlock cannot connect to the Helium network, there will be no debug output after the device status messages. That is something that should be improved in the code.

Are you sure there are Helium Gateways around that actually work. If a Helium Gateway (aka Miner) is in blockchain sync mode, it does not transfer LoRaWAN packets.

Can you see any incoming traffic in your Helium Console?

You can check the join status with AT+NJS=? over USB a minute after power up. If it says 2, then the Mapper is still trying to connect to the Helium Network.

For BLE, it is switched off a few minutes after power-up/reset to safe battery. That is normal behavior.

Ended up flashing the latest bootloader and firmware. All is good now!

But the mapper would try and connect to the network. I would get a join request, accept, and then a downlink which would crash the mapper. Not sure what the issue was.