Helium Mapper over sending packets

I just activated a new version of the RAK Helium Mapper and no matter what setting I change on the the WisBlock Toolbox app the device at the longest time setting will send a packet every 16 seconds. The mapper can be sitting still and will not go to sleep and continue to send packets.

Can you try to get the send interval over USB with a terminal app using either

if it is 16 seconds, you can try set a longer interval (e.g. 60 seconds) with

If that doesn’t help it might be that the acceleration sensor is simple too sensitive. That could only be changed by re-compiling the code.

I have tried all the different intervals with in the WisBlock Toolbox app when configuring the device.

It sends a packet every 16 seconds with the below the current configuration for send frequency.


Is this on a Helium Mapper you bought from our store or did you build it by yourself with WisBlock modules?

It’s the new version bought from RAK.

Can you double check that all the modules are in the correct slot.

Specially RAK1904 has to be in Slot D and no other slot.

It is installed in the correct slot. I have since set up and configured Platform io and cloned the Git Project in order to reflash the firmware. When I upload the the project I get this error.

*** [Generated/WisBlock-RAK4631-Helium-Mapper_v1.0.4.hex] .\Generated/WisBlock-RAK4631-Helium-Mapper_v1.0.4.hex: No such file or directory

Please keep in mind I have never done anything like this and have no experience with code or firmware.

I am guessing you cloned the repo from it’s original repo at RAKStars.

As the owners of this repo are no longer with RAK and are no longer maintaining the repo, we moved it to our own Github account.

Can you try to clone from the new RAKwireless repo?
I can compile and upload from that new repo without problems.

I did but I am still getting the same errors after cloning the project from the new Git repository. I have no idea what I am doing and this is getting frustrating. I am a complete novice at all of this so I didn’t expect it to just work.

maybe I will try it on Arduino IDE and see if I can get that to work. I have looked at the Arduino git repository just need to figure out how to use Arduino IDE.