Help on the RAK7258 end node connection after reset

I have a RAK7258 with US903-928 frequency, I have connect an end node (Browan door/window sensor) successfully during first time register to RAK7258 (The last seen was xx sec ago).

I try RESET RAK7258 by press the reset button at the rear of RAK7258, but after rest, i try to add this end node again with same devEUI & appKey but this time it seems can not register / join anymore, the last seen become “never” …

can anyone help on this ?

many thanks !!!.

It also looks like if I delete application directly without delete/remove device first, I can not add device again, for example

application: ---- Test ----
device: ---- sensor 1
device: ---- sensor 2
device: ---- sensor 3

I delete Test directly, and I create new application called Test1, and add sensor1,2,3 into this application, the last seen will become “never”.

many thanks

I got solved … just take out battery and then short + - contact to reset sensor

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