Help set custom frequencies in the RAK10701-P network tester


Kazakhstan uses the KZ868 frequency plan based on the EU868.
The main difference is in the join frequencies.
As you know in EU868:

And in KZ868:

I need to somehow show these frequencies in the network tester.
How can I do it?

Thank you!

KZ868 is not an official LoRaWAN region supported by the LoRa Alliance.

The RAK10701 Field Tester does not support this region.

I’m aware of this. I only need to change three frequencies in the EU868

Gateways have this capability. We have already done this and use them without problems.
I would like to do this with a network tester.

The firmware of the RAK10701 is written with RUI3 API.
RUI3 does not support this LoRaWAN region.

If you are able to change the application code, both the firmware of the RAK10701 and RUI3 API are open source:

RAK10701 ==> GitHub - RAKWireless/RAK10701-Field-Tester: The RAK10701-P Field Tester for LoRaWAN is a ready-to-use WisNode for evaluating deployed LoRaWAN network, which comes in a hard case and two different antenna types. It has a GNSS and a touchscreen LCD for the user interface.
RUI3 for RAK4631 (used in the Field Tester) ==> GitHub - RAKWireless/RAK-nRF52-RUI: RUI3 BSP for RAK4630/RAK4631 modules

You would have to add the KZ868 or change the frequencies of the EU868 region, you have to change it in the RUI3 code.

Thank you very much!