HIP 19 Light Hotspot approved manufacturer?


Is there any plan for RAK to become an approved manufacturer of Helium Hotspots following HIP 19?

RAK products are listed on gateway-rs supported platforms so using them as Data-only hotspots seems possible however going forward I think the approval is necessary to also receive Proof-of-Coverage rewards.

It seems like there are also security requirement of ECC608 chip described below:

I am thinking of buying the new RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2 but I would like to understand if it can function as a Light Hotspot in the future?

Do you have any information and outlook on this?

Thank you,

Hei @jojoRabbit ,

We will be producing Light Hotspots, yes. However the RA7268 you can buy now would not work as a Light Hotspot, but a Data only hotspot, only. You would have to wait when for when we release the Light Hotspot version, which will be more towards Q4 this year I believe.


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