Hotspot recent development, Q&A, Tips & Tricks, etc

For those that have questions about Hotspots and their firmware, etc.

  1. Updates are pushed within 24 hours from the notifications you are referring to, this is true for all RAK v2 and MNTD Hotspots.
  2. The process is automatic, nothing has to be done on the customer side, except for keeping the hotspot operational with a stable internet connection of at least 10MBps.
  3. One thing to note is that we are working on our own App (currently in Beta testing), which will provide a feature to remotely monitor the hotspots and it will include the current firmware version to be reported together with remote diagnostics.

This is fantastic news … do we have any timescale on the app release, this will be a major improvement for all users of your fabulous product.


Keep an eye on the MNTD. website and our discord it will be there soon, like really soon :wink:


Ooooo interesting what will be there ?

Hey @Karlos

It has just been announced, you can check the announcement here: