How can I connect a RAK7244 to the Internet via my Windows laptop?

Issue: I would like to connect the RAK7244 to the Internet (and so to TTN) through an Ethernet cable to my Windows 10 laptop

Setup: Fresh RAK7244 software installation. I can access the RAK7244 from the laptop using Putty on both the WiFi link using and an Ethernet cable using The laptop is connected to the Internet using a cell phone tethered to a USB port

Server: TTN

Details: So far my attempts at sharing the laptop’s Internet connection has not been successful. I feel it should be possible, as I have communications between the laptop and the gateway , and between teh gateway and the Internet. How?

Hei @acutetech,

You need to configure the LAN, Go to point 6 in the configuration menu (sudo gateway-config command)

There you will set the IP address of the RAK7244 and the IP address of the Gateway (as in internet gateway not LoRaWAN), which is the address of your laptop. The rest is up to you to find these addresses as this depends on what you have configured and how to share the internet over the ethernet port of the laptop.