How can I debug my code written in Arduino RUI3 using the RAKDAP1 tool on a RAK4631?

Hello, everyone!

I’m new in the forum. I have a RAK4631 with Wisblock development board. All my application works well, but I want to debug my code. Searching in internet I found the tool RAKDAP1 and I want to buy it. I saw the documentation, but I only found how to install the dependences and how to flash a program. Can you provide me any instructition to debug using this tool?

I’m using Arduino RUI3 in Visual Studio Code with Arduino extension.

Pd: I also found a post in the forum that says share a documentation about to ‘how to debug using a SWD probe (Pi Pico Probe)’ with another member, but this document isn’t public. I really appreciate if you can share this document with me too.

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Welcome to RAK forum @Dabliu ,

With regards to debugging RAK4631 with RAKDAP1, you can have a look on this guide -
How to use RAKDAP1 to debug RUI3 app.pdf (568.4 KB)

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Many thanks, dear @carlrowan

Do you have any guide or information about debugging using breakpoints directly in code? Can you share with me the document in the post I attached, where @beegee talks about the use of a SWD probe (Pi Pico Probe)?

I am really grateful to you.

Hi @Dabliu ,

I haven’t tried this one but you can check this visual studio guide for nRF52840 debugging - Debugging nRF52 boards with Visual Studio Code | by makerdiary | makerdiary | Medium. This shows breakpoints.