How can I get Lora Statistics out of the gateway

I have an RAK7289CV2 and need the LoRa Statistics information from the gateway and into my dashboards.

Is there an API or an extension that may enable me to get that information or charts?

If not, Can I develop an extension that allows me to do that?

I am really trying to avoid web scrapping the WisDM or the WisGate page.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @tecsus ,

I assume you are using the built-in LNS of the RAK7289, right? If that is the case you have MQTT integration topics where you can use the gateway status topic and maybe use that.


Hi @Nikola

Thanks for the fast response.

I was using AWS Iot Core, but had a lot of problems with it and now I’m using the
build-in LNS.

Is there some manual that can help me out? I did not found much information about the build-in LNS.

Well there is no guide, but under the LoRa Configuration tab in Built-in mode you should see the gateway backend where you can see the MQTT topics.

For gateway statistics subscribe to gateway/{{EUI of the gateway}}/stats

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

yeah, I have seen those, and others more like:

$aws/things/<gateway eui>/shadow/name/+/documents
$aws/things/<gateway eui>/shadow/name/+/update/+
$aws/things/<gateway eui>/shadow/name/+/delete/+
$aws/things/<gateway eui>/shadow/update/documents
$aws/things/<gateway eui>/shadow/+/accepted
$aws/things/<gateway eui>/shadow/+/rejected
$aws/events/presence/+/<gateway eui>
$aws/events/subscriptions/+/<gateway eui>

But I’m having trouble with the IOT connection to AWS. Have you seen this error before?

The certificates and permissions work fine in a python demo, but not in the gateway itself.