How can I send downlink messages from Ubidots to The Thing Stack?

Issue:Downlink messages are not sent to The Thing Stack.


Server:The Thing Stack

Details:I have migrated the gateway and nodes to the new version of The Things Network and can send uplink messages to Ubidots with no problem. The problem arose when implementing the downlink messages following this guide provided by Ubidots Events: Manage downlink messages to TTS V3 using webhooks | Ubidots Help Center
I don’t have much experience in web development, API’s, DB or LoRa servers but in TTN V2 I managed to implement the uplink and downlink messages. In TTN V3 I can’t configure the HTTP integration and I think that’s the reason why the messages don’t arrive to TTS. I can only send downlink messages from TTS to the nodes (RAK811).

I am waiting for someone to give me a guide or suggestion on how to solve it.
Thank you for any help


This sounds like a problem between Ubidots and TTN - you seem to say that when you create a downlink directly in TTS it is transmitted to the node.

So doesn’t seem like the issue has anything to do with the gateway at all, meaning this isn’t really the best placed to ask for help.

You probably want to seek support from Ubidots or TTN since the issue is with the interaction of those components.

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