How do i exit DFU/USB Mode? on RAK4631?

Hello there,
Today i was testing some big matrix operations on my 4631 using Arduino BSP firmware and seems somehow my code overflowed the board. Trying to erase it by re-uploading any blank sketch to it. I couldn’t make it work, it just keeps on fading the green light and showing me the usb folder as soon as i connect the board, luckily i have the RAKDAP1 and followed this tutorial Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center on how to install it and upload the .hex file and still have no succes on restoring the board. Tried also to upgrade to RUI using the app WisToolBox, but it gets stuck and aborts the operation. Any recommendations on how to restore my board? I will appreciate any help.

Well, nevermind, i just fixed it by consistenly trying to upload new sketches via arduino.

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