How do I use Downlink confirmation with the RAK3172?

In my application I need to receive commands from the server.
I verified that there is a confirmation mode for Uplink messages.
How should I do so that the commands sent by the server (downlink) are also confirmed?

Best Regards.

Hi @Takahashi ,

This should be handled by the network server side. There could be some API or SDK that you can use if you have to do it via software. In TTS UI, there is a checkbox for confirmed downlink.

Hello Carlrowan.

Thank you very much for your feedback.
In my country I am using KORA services.
As shown in the figure below, I have the option to activate Downlink confirmation.
Downlinks without confirmation arrive without problem, but when I activate this option, the RAK3172 does not receive the downlink.
I noticed that on the KORA dashboard, the message without confirmation appears to be considered sent when it leaves the network server and goes to the gateways, as it does not need confirmation.
The confirmed downlink message appears to not even reach the RAK3172 end device.
I thought that in confirmed downlink mode, the message would at least be received by the RAK3172 and if a confirmation was not sent afterwards, the indication on the dashboard would remain as not sent.
I don’t know the downlink confirmation mechanism well, I’m just guessing how it works.

The problem is that when I activate the confirmed downlink option, the downlink does not reach the RAK3172.

Best Regards.

Hi @Takahashi ,

I can’t pinpoint exactly what could be the reason. It can be on the side of LNS or device or their compatibility to each other. Or can be on some parameter mismatch, etc.

When it comes to confirmed downlink, there are many notes on the LoRaWAN 1.0.3 specifications that might be valuable and worth reading for you.

I did some test on RAK3172 with latest RUI3 and TTS running on US915 frequency band.

Here’s a demo video where you can see confirmed downlink working fine.

Hey, You’ll need to implement an acknowledgment mechanism. The acknowledgment process typically involves the server sending a command to the device and waiting for a response from the device confirming successful receipt and execution of the command.

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