How many lora end devices can we connected with RAK7244

Issue: How many lora end devices can we connected with RAK7244

Server: Chirpstack

Details: We are using RAK7244 gateway with chirpstack server. Right now we are able to connect 24 devices. when we try to connect more than 24 devices its not connecting.

Thanks in advance.

Hei @shantaram ,

Theoretically you can do 1000+, so 25 should be pretty easy. Where exactly is the issue, can you give us a little more information.
Can’t they register for some reason, are the join requests not processed, etc.
Is it a configuration issue with the interface where you can not add them.
Do they authenticate, but the packets are not properly forwarded later, etc.


Thanks for the reply @Hobo

I am trying to connect 50 devices with RAK7244. when i connect 50 devices at a time 25 devices are not working well. they are disconnecting. but when i made 2 slots of 25 devices and checking independently its working well.

50 devices packet sent interval is 5 min


What do you mean 2 slots of 25 devices. Give us more details about the configuration.


Disconnect is not really a word that means anything in LoRaWan

What can happen is that a device expecting a response but not receiving one (due to congestion or misconfiguration or no infrastructure side software running) may eventually give up and start over, for example with a new OTAA join.

But it’s always the end device - the node - making the decision to give up.

So debugging should include not just what the nodes are doing, but why you/they decide that they are “disconnected”