How to add a new payload format to Lora Network Server


After some research I didn’t found how to add custom format into the applications of the built in Lora Server, maybe you have some ideas about this.

Issue: I would like to add new payload formats to the list in Application configuration of the lora Network Server (see below) so as to avoid the decoding after the MQTT broker. I would prefer transmit decoded data to the MQTT broker.
Is it possible to add new formats to the application, or at least a custom one like we can do in TTN console.

LoRa® Server:Built in Lora Server on RAK7249

Application Server integration: MQTT


Hello @Florian,

This is not currently available. There is to be a new firmware release soon, that will include this functionality, if I am not mistaken.
@yutao can probably tell you more :slight_smile:


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Any updates to this? I just posted the same question in regards to a wisgate edge lite 2… Would really like a way to add custom payload formats to the built-in server.

@Hobo or @yutao ?


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it looks like they prioritize their own hardware. custom payload decoders obviously will not be supported. but you should consider milesight gatways/servers - they provide custom payload decoders.