How to build OpenWRT with RAK2247 firmware?

I have one ALFA Tube-E4G (MT7620,64MB RAM, 16GB Flash) with RAK2247 module (USB, US915). But I don’t know how to build OpenWRT SNAPSHOT version with RAK2247 firmware.

I cloned, built it and flashed the image to ALFA Tube-E4G but boot up was stuck. And then I was using OpenWRT SNAPSHOT to build firmware according to ALFA Tube-E4G profile. And it can boot up and works. However, I don’t know how to build RAK2247 firmware into OpenWRT SNAPSHOT version. Anybody can help?

Hi jamie,
you have to build your own custom firmware for MT7620, Loragateway and packet forwarder,

Here the link for an how to…