How to change LoRa sub-channel map

I bought a Kerlink Gateway and now I need to change in the Wisblock Code the LoRa AU915 sub-channel map from “8-15, 65” to “0-7, 64”.

I don´t know where in the C++ is place the LoRa sub-channel map to change the configuration.

Could you help me?



You can change the sub-channel settings with the command
bool lmh_setSubBandChannels(uint8_t subBand)
subBand = 1 selects channels 0 to 7
subBand =2 (default for AU915) selects channels 8 to 15

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Thank you again @beegee by your support.

Let me share some news with all of you including: @anon55548400 and @jmarcelino

I am configuring my test infrastructure and it will be this way, using the TagoIO slide to explain:

  1. RAKWireless - LoRaWAN AU915 in channels 8-15, 65:
    1.1. LoRaWAN Gateways: 2 x RAK7258 and 1 x RAK7248.
    1.2. LNS The Think Stack.
    1.2.1. 2 x End Nodes Wisblocks for Environment RAK1906
    1.2.2. 2 x End Nodes Wisblocks for Tracking (1910).
    1.2.3. 2 x End Nodes Wisnode track RAK7200/RAK5205
    1.3. LNS Kerlink WMC
    1.3.1. 2 x End Nodes Wisblocks for Environment RAK1906
    1.3.2. 2 x End Nodes Wisblocks for Tracking (1910).
    1.3.3. 2 x End Nodes Wisnode track RAK7200/RAK5205

  2. Enginko (MCF88) - LoRaWAN AU915 channel 0-7, 64:
    2.1. LNS Kerlink WMC
    2.1.1. 1 x End Nodes MCF-LW06420D for Environment with analog sensors with 4-20mA
    2.1.2. 1 x End Nodes MCF-LW06420B for Environment with analog sensors with 4-20mA
    2.1.3. 1 x End Nodes MCF-LW12MET for electricity power metering
    2.1.4. 1 x End Nodes MCF-LW13IO as an actuator for 230 VAC - 8A

  3. Kerlink - LoRaWAN AU915 channel 0-7, 64:
    3.1. LNS Kerlink WMC
    3.1.1. LoRaWAN Gateway Wirnet iStation

  4. Application TagoIO
    4.1. LNS TTS
    4.2. LNS Kerlink
    4.3. Conectors for all End Nodes described above



Thanks for sharing. Let us know your outcome.


I still have a question about downlink channel. I need to change it from 64 to 65, but I didn´t find the channels map, only subBand. Where is the uplink channels and downlink channels configuration?


The uplink and downlink channels are fixed defined in the Region definition files inside the library. At the moment changing this configuration by a function call is not supported.


Let me give some details, I mean, I have:

  1. 3 RAKWireless LoRa Gateways working in subBand 2 to be managed by TTS
  2. 2 Kerlink LoRa Gateways working in subBand 1 to be managed by WMC (Kerlink LoRa Server)
  3. for all my LoRa endnodes, when I want to test:
    3.1) TTS: I configure them to subBand 2
    3.2) WMC: I configure them to subBand 1

I configured most of LoRa parameters (DevEUI, AppEUI, AppKey), equal in both LoRa Network Servers. Then I just need to change subBands, to test differents environment.

I would like to describe a join problem that I am having, but first of all, I need to know: Until now, Does it make sense for you?

I configured subBand 2 my new Wisblock with RAK1910 GPS module, but I am receiving a error message: “uplink channel not found”

Could you help about it? I was thinking that I could have a wrong channel mapping, but you told me that it is done when we configure the subBand.

Hi @crmrosa
I have neither TTS nor WMC setup at the moment.
What I tested was AU915 and sub channel 1 and 2 with the builtin LoRaWAN server of the gateway.
In the gateway settings, I chose AU915 region and then tested on the Sub-Band selections as shown in the image.

I changed the sub band with lmh_setSubBandChannels(1) and lmh_setSubBandChannels(2), depending which channels I had setup in the gateway.
On the LoRaWAN server side, I just chose AU915 region, no other settings required.

In both cases, sub band 1 and sub band 2, the WisBlock was connecting over OTAA and could send packets to the LoRaWAN server and as well receive packets from the LoRaWAN server.
That shows me that lmh_setSubBandChannels sets the correct channel masks for both TX and RX.

I see no problems on the node side, so I can only guess it is on your LoRaWAN server side. But that is something I cannot test.