How to change the LAN IP address of RAK7249 gateway?

Greetings … I have a RAK7249 gateway and the default ip address is How can I change this address to another ???

Still relevant … really nobody knows ???

Why do you want to change it? What sort of network is it on?

The address listed is that used when the gateway is being a DHCP host and dictating the setup of the network overall - that would be especially true if it were running as a wireless access point.

If you configure it to be a DHCP client, then it will get an address assigned by your router or whatever provides the network’s DHCP server.

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@klassik This is the address of the WiFi AP. This IP can not be changed. If you need a static IP address for the WiFi or Ethernet connections you can set it via the WebUI interface under Network - WAN interface or Network - Wi-Fi.