How to check RUI firmware version


I am using p2p function of RAK811.

It doesn’t work well on V3.0.0.12.

I think the version was V3.0.0.12 when I tried RUI before.

What is the current RUI firmware version ?

Thank you.

Hello @SnarkTail,

Should be V3.0.0.13.T3 for the RAK811 I believe.

at+version should work I believe using a Serial tool of some-sort.


HI @Hobo,

It’s v3.0.0.12.H.T4 ToT

Hi @SnarkTail,

The latest released firmware is V3.0.0.13.T3 which you can get here:

BTW, a milestone version firmware which is V3.0.0.14 will be released in 2 weeks, this version will improve more details and there will be a new special AT Command Manual.

Hi Fomi,

I know latest firmware version is V3.0.0.13.T3 and used it.

I want to use V3.0.0.13.T3 on RUI !

When will V3.0.0.14 be available on RUI?

Hi @SnarkTail,

Yes, we haven’t updated V3.0.0.13.T3 on RUI online compiler.
Actually, we want to update V3.0.0.14 on RUI online compiler directly in 2 weeks, because this version is a new milestone version, so that i think it will be a better start. :slight_smile:
Can you wait for 2 weeks for it?

Hi @Fomi,

Ok, I wait it. I look forward release new version !

Hi @Fomi,

2 weeks have passed since then.

Was V3.0.0.14 is released on RUI ?

Hi @SnarkTail,

We’ve almost finished the testing, and the final firmware V3.0.0.14 will be released soon in several days i think.
But the RUI SDK on the online compiler hasn’t been updated, because we should do it when the final firmware is released.