How to connect directly to Rak5860

Is it possible to connect to the USB port on the RAK5860 to issue AT commands directly to the BG77 module?

In device manager, I am only seeing:
DM Port

When I connect to these and issue an AT command, I don’t get a response. Any thoughts on how to access the modem directly so I can use tools such as QNavigator or Qcom?

Just a friendly bump. Anyone have any thoughts as to why there is a USB port on the RAK5860? If so, any thoughts on how to communicate with the device?

Hello Tom,
To talk to the BG77 from a PC over the onboard USB of the RAK5860 you need to install some extra drivers in Windows.

I do not remember where I found it but if you search for
Quectel_LTE& (without the version number)
and install the drivers, QNavigator or Qcom will be able to communicate directly with the BG77.

Just a warning
We have feedback from a few users that messed up the UART communication to the WisBlock Core module after changing settings in the BG77 over USB from QNavigator. Be careful what you do from QNavigator.