How to connect RAK Battery Plus with Wisgate Connect Base Kit

Before ordering, I asked if it was possible to power the wisgate connect base kit RAK7391 with the RAK Battery Plus & Solar panel Kit.
I have received the equipment, but I can’t see how they connect, where do I connect the battery output to the wisgate.
Thank you in advance for your advice.

Hi Bruno. It’s possible but still a little DIY at the moment.

You will need to source the connector and wire it to the RAK7391 properly. The connector you need is a LP-16-J04SX-02-101 (like this: It’s very easy to wire using a multimeter to check the power lines.

You have an example on how to decode the data from the RAK9155 using the RAK7391 and a RAK5802 (ModBUS module):wisblock-python/power-supply/rak9155 at master · RAKWireless/wisblock-python · GitHub


Thanks for your reponse.
Please could you explain more precisely where I can connect power line on the board. I checked them.
On the wisgate side I have Ethernet PoE, Phoenix connector and jack connector. For the last two, there is no passage in the metal box.
I need at least reference of Phoenix connector? But it is may be possible to connect directly power line on the board?

OK, I understand you have the outdoors enclosure for the RAK7391. Current version of the enclosure is not ready to easily connect the battery. We are working on a new version with a spare hole for the Battery Plus connector but there is no release date yet. In the meantime you will have to “hack” it somehow.
Phoenix connector we are using is STP2EDGR-Y-5.08-2p by SZConnect.
Anyways let me ask internally to our engineers what option would be better to wire the power lines to the RAK7391 inside the outdoors box.

At the moment, I’m planning to solder the cables in place of the STP2EDGR connector and run the cable through the cable gland at the USB-C. I don’t have time to order the missing connector. I’ll wait for your reply before carrying out the work.

That will work for sure since the boards supports 10-28V in. The only issue (beyond the welding work) is to use a glans to prevent water in the box through the USB-C hole.

I’ve identified the connectors on both ends, but I’m uncertain about the correct ports on the WisGate Connect Base Kit for the battery and solar panel inputs. I’ve carefully consulted the provided documentation, but it doesn’t seem to provide specific details on this connection process.

Hello @ZacharyAyden and @Bruno
The documentation is available on RAK9155 Battery Plus Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center for the connector pinout. Power should be fed directly to the Phoenix connector in the RAK7391.
As for the modbus communication with the data from the battery, you can check the example in You will need a RAK5802 or RAK5802M interface on the RAK7391.