How to connect RAK7249 to own Loriot Lora server

We are running a Loriot Lora server by our own.
How can I connect the 7249 gateway to my server? I entered all the IP stuff (gateway address of our Loriot server) at the gateway, disabled the Lora server and the Lora packet forwarder at the RAK.
Which type of gateway do I have to choose at Loriot to register the RAK7249? Thanks for any advice! Best, Andreas

Hi @AndreasK As we are working with Loriot for such integration, for now you can only use Packet Forwarder Semtech with RAK Industrial Gateways. GatewayUebersicht (2)

Dear @AndreasK,
have you successfully connected your RAK7249 to the Loriot Network Server?
I have a RAK7258 and would also like to connect the gateway to the server.
I´ve made the configuration based on the Loriot Semtech Packet Forwarder example, but I get no connection…
Best Regards

Ok, I´ve found the problem, the “Server Port Up” and “Server Port Down” is 1780, not 1700…

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what server ip should i give in global_conf.json file to connect RAK2245 gateway to Loriot application…??

Thanks in advance… @misko @velev