How to customized Loramac for RUI customized firmware

I need to make changes to common files like LoRaMac.h, Region.c, CMake (channel plans) for custom firmware using RUI, how can I insert these modified files using the online compiler? I need to generate a custom RUI file and load it into my RAK811 module.

Can you help me?

Hi @wmf,

RUI is already abstraction of the Loramac stack. You can check the documentation of RUI to see parameters you can configure

If your application can’t be supported by the features of the current version RUI, you might need to develop your own firmware using Loramac or Lmic.

Ok, compiled successfully using the online compiler, but the generated firmware is not loaded into the Rak811 module. I tried to load with the tool: RAK Device Firmware Upgrade Tool v.14.

Can you help me?



You need to use an updated firmware upgrade tool:

I tried to load with the tool: RAK Device Firmware Upgrade Tool v.14 and it didn’t work.

What version of bootloader have in your RAK811 module?

My module has the version: RAK811_BOOT_V3.0.2

The latest version I found:

You need at least Bootloader version 3.0.5 to work with the lastest RUI & firmware upgrade tool. To get that version of firmware you need to update your module with the basic firmware that includes the aforementioned bootloader. After that you can upload your customized RUI code

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Ok, where do I find this firmware version?

here is

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