How to disable GW manually for testing

During our device system test we need a way to simulate communication disconnections.
Currently we are doing this by physically disconnect the network cable from our RAK7268 (1.3.6_RAK b150) but then the mode is automatically switch back to Packet Forwarder and we need to reset it manually to Basics Station. Also it take time to reassigned to the DHCP.
Is there a simple way to pause transmissions and\or reception?

Hi @EGmbed ,

Why not change the channel plan of your gateway? For example from US915 to AU915. This approach will take few seconds and your connection is still established. I did quick test with cellular backhaul but if via ethernet, it should likely be the same .

Hello Carl,
I tried this, it does not work, I changed the region to AU915 and also tried with KR920 but the sent message from the device was received and sent to the LNS as well as the reply that was sent to the unit.
I also tried to change the sub-band with the same results.
I did “Save & Apply” after those changes.
I need something simple that can block the ethernet communication of the GW, for a short period of time and then activate it back.
Removing the cable is doing the work but the reconnection is long as well as the fact that the GW switched to packet forwarder after that as I already mentioned.