How to disable interrupt on a pin


I am using interrupt on a pin with following RUI command but I want to disable interrupt, placing false in below command does not disabling interrupt, is there any other command ?

rui_gpio_interrupt(false, Interrupt_IO, RUI_GPIO_EDGE_RAISE, RUI_GPIO_IRQ_HIGH_PRIORITY, interrupt_routine);

There is no support for uninitialized interrupts. If you do not need an interrupt, do not configure it as an interrupt when initializing, or do a gpio uninitialized operation on this pin.

I need Interrupt but, I am going to use same pin for different purpose depend on some conditions, so In program I want to change the pin direction, and use it as Output. isn’t it possible ? How can I perform GPIO un-initialisation. ?


You can initialize the output by calling gpio directly after using the interrupt.

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