How to disable the WiFi Access-Point?

In the documentation I can see the option to disable the Wireless Access Point function of the WiFi interface, but to leave on the Wireless Client. Also after the upgrade to Firmware Version 1.1.0062_Release r202, there ist still no “Disable” button for the Wireless Access Point.

Attached a screenshot of my RAK7258:

Help please!

Thank you and Best Regards

Attached the screenshot of the latest V 1.7 documentation with the “Disable” button.

I am very sorry for this. This is caused by the document not synchronizing. Please forgive me. As you can see, the switch to AP mode is now off.

Where I can see now, that the switch to AP mode is off?
I’m afraid I didn’t understand what your answer was supposed to tell me.

What I mean by that is that the old AP mode switch is no longer available in the new version.

This means…

  • I can disable WiFi and then both mode (AP & Client) are disabled.
  • I can enable WiFi and and automatically the AP mode is enabled.
  • I can enable WiFi and decide to enable or disable the Client mode.
  • But I can´t disable the AP mode and leave the Client mode actice.

Is this list correct?

Yes, that’s true. :blush: :blush: :blush:

Is this going to be fixed in the future release of firmware???

I for one, do NOT want the AP on but want the client…


Dear Tom,

Sure!we have fixed it.

You can upgrade the latest firmware!

Best regards!

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