How to find chirpstack version on RAK7258

Given release notes don’t state what version of chirpstack LNS how can I find out what version my RAK7258 is running.


strings finds the text “loraserver v1.0” which is to say before the loraserver -> chirpstack rename

Beyond initial experiments, it’s probably preferable to point the gateway at a cloud-hosted version of chirpstack, not only because that would be more recent and readily upgradeable, but would be able to combine the coverage of multiple gateways, and would retain the critical node session records in a place where they would survive any damage to field-deployed gateway hardware.

Thanks this is an on-premise application.
We’ve used Multitech AEP for this but would love to move to RAK for this use case.

Even on-premise, as you’re going to need infrastructure to do anything useful with the data anyway, you’re still better off running a recent version of chirpstack on a conventional server, perhaps alongside your data platform.

We’ve run MT AEP on-premise for years as they runs Node-RED as it’s app server.
We use MQTT to building automation protocol convertors along with industrial RPis for more intensive processing and data storage. We have considered running chirpstack on those.