How to install inetd?

How can I install inetd on the busybox linux of a RAK7249?
Thx for your help in advance!

That’s not a service usually run on this type of box.

What is the actual goal are you trying to accomplish?

For what specific service would inetd be fronting, and how were you planning to install that service?

@cstratton Hi Chris and sorry for my late reply,
Christoph went on holiday and I missed your reply.

We want to monitor the Gateway with CheckMK. Therefor we have to run a specific script every some mins.
The most easiest way might be to use inetd to listen to our request and then to start the script that renew the monitoring data.

Thank you for your help and best regards!

That doesn’t really sound like a job for inetd, though it might be a job for cron.

You should probably spend some time studying how openwrt does things in general particularly with regard to init.d services - typically it is possible to use traditional full-Linux methods, but there’s a more compact alternative that is preferred for that task.