How to make 8 channel Gateway to 16 channel Gateway

good morning,
i have a gateway using: RAK2245 pi Hat + Raspberry Pi 3. Since RAK2245 is only 8 channel lora pcb. Who knows how to built a gateway of 16 channels. Is it possible to use 2 RAK2245 + Rasp? if so, how can i do it?
Is there any other way to built it, using RAK?
Thank you in advance… regards

Hi @Alb,

By now, we haven’t ever used RA2245 Pi HAT + RPi as a 16 channel gateway. I think it may be impossible to use them as a 16 channel gateway directly, unless you can use two modules + RPi to DIY a new one.

ok, thanks.
Is it possible to get some more information about the scheme or pin connections of RAK2245, in order to try to use it as a 16 channel gateway?..
i have seen a a RAK7249 gateway than is using 2 RAK2245 to get 16 channel gateway… so i guess it is also possible to make it with a raspberry pi. Let me know any info about it.

The hardware documents have been uploaded here:

ohh great… i will try to do that project with your info…thanks

The interesting question would be

  1. How the second chip select is handled, and how this present as an SPI device in the host operating system

  2. How far apart the antennas need to be to prevent exceeding the damage threshold of one concentrator’s receiver when the other concentrator transmits