How to make the code change of the gateway effective

Hello! I have a RAK7243 gateway and I want to modify the code of lora-gateway.
Here are my steps.

  1. Edit the code in /usr/local/rak/lora/rak7243/lora_gateway/libloragw .
  2. In the same folder: sudo make
  3. sudo reboot

But my changes didn’t work.

My questions are:

  1. is /usr/local/rak/lora/rak7243/lora_gateway/libloragw the correct folder that should be edited? Or is there some other place I should change?
  2. After sudo make, what can I do to make my changes take effect?
  3. How can I check the logs from lora-gateway? Because I see a lot of debug prints in the code.

thanks in advance!