How to manage preconfigured devices with Join EUI / AppKey

Issue: cannot join device for OTAA

Setup: operate 7258 as network server

LoRa® Server:

i did ;

  • set new application
  • add device

As my device comes with preconfigured DevEUI/JoinEUI/AppKey/for OTAA I’m currently unable to join it.

Where do i enter the JoinEUI and AppKey in OTAA mode ?

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Hello @Mavibya and welcome to the forum!

When you create the Application, click on Auto Add Lora Device. There you can type your AppEUI (a.k.a. JoinEUI) and AppKey.

Thank you for your reply.

Hereafter is my application configuration ;

I have added a new device as shown below. Unfortunatly, the device does not join the gateway (never seen)

What do i do wrong ?

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application / device

hereafter is the LoRa packet logger

Could you mind sharing what device are your trying to connect to the Build-in server? Is it an end-device/node? A link to the device’s datasheet is appreciated.

VEGA Puls air 23

The VEGAPuls air 23 is a water level radar. This is an end-device.

The device is configured to be used with EU863-870 frequency.

Do i need to change the below frequencies ?

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