How to open Packet Forwarder log

Dear everyone,

I installed ChirpStack on my RAK7243 and connected it to TTN Server successfully.
The communication between the RAK7243 and my end LoRa device is running well, too.

My question is, how can I see all the packets received by my RAK7243, even the ones that are not sent by the end device?
I should log the Packet Forwarder but I don’t know exactly how I can do that.

I salut any recommendations from you.

Best regards,
Le Vu

1.You can see it by in this directory.
cd /var/log/

2.You can view this data in the server gateway interface.(But its logs are real-time)

Dear Nicholas,

I thank you for your clear explanation.
I thought the log would be in the folder chirpstack-gateway-bridge; but when I went into it, no log file is there.

Best regards,
Le Vu

Dear Le,
This log is received in real time, you must check it when sending data.

Best regards.