How to overcome error 96

Issue: I keep on getting error 96 although I have changed channel. What is the reason for this and what is the maximum number of devices you can connect for server.

Setup: Rak4200

Server: Chirpstack Server


Welcome back to forum @Ayodhya ,

Were you able to join successfully before? Is the occurrence of error consistent or just few times? What is the regional band you are operating? Is your firmware updated? Do you have other devices that can proceed successfully on your current GW + LNS setup?

Hi, Thanks for replying
I’m using rak4200, It happens frequently, but we are able to send messages, But it hits error 96 frequently. Can I know how much devices can we connect. Im using 933mhz and region is region:AU915.

Hi any update related to this

Hi @Ayodhya ,

I did some test with RAK4200 and I can successfully join multiple times without issues. WisGate Edge GW and TTN as LNS.

I am using the latest firmware:


I am not sure about the 933Mhz you stated. Can you share the output if you do at+get_config=lora:status and at+get_config=lora:channel?

Do we have the same?

Hi carl extremely sorry for late response, I was out of town.
First image(1.png) depicts the settings I use.
The second(2.png) and third(3.png) depicts the results I got for your request can you help me please.


Hi @Ayodhya ,

Based on the conversions, I see now three errors:

Error 96 Time out reached while waiting for a packet in the LoRa RX2 window.
It appears that the downlink was not sent or sent very late (beyond RX2 window). Maybe we can verify if the network is healthy/ok using a different device?

Error 87 The length of the packet exceeded that maximum allowed by the LoRa protocol.
You are using DR=0, this means you have very restricted payload size. Make DR higher or send lower payload size.

Error 80 The LoRa transceiver is busy, could not process a new command.
You are sending command immediately. If you are not checking the AT command replies, maybe provide higher delay specially on joining and sending routine.

hi carl,
As this network has only connected 8 devices, and all or them are sending messages in different time intervals, Error 96 occurs due to this. Error 87 was recieved when the commands you sent were tried. What is the problem for that.

Further explaining we are sending these messages every 10 seconds.

Hi @Ayodhya ,

With regards to DR=0, please read more about spreading factor. Here’s a short explainer - Spreading Factors | The Things Network

With the interval of 10 seconds, I highly advise to try to send payload every minute or more (tbh, a minute interval is still fast for LoRaWAN). If you need at least 10seconds data update, LoRaWAN is not the appropriate technology for your application.

Can I know how many modules can we connect with 1 minute speed. Thank you very much for help.

I cannot have an exact answer. You can connect many devices as long as there will be no collision in terms of frequency use at the same spreading factor. You have to consider as well the size of the payload since it will also determine the airtime a specific channel is used.

Here’s a great calculator to estimate the airtime - Calculator | DEVELOPER PORTAL

If you have 8 devices sending every minute, I doubt it will have noticeable issues (assuming you are allowed to transmit every minute). As for the limits of transmission, this varies depending on the region you are in. For example in Europe duty cycle restriction is implemented - Duty Cycle | The Things Network