How to read SHTC3 sensor?

I am using RAK4630 RUI3 with ver RAK3.5.3 and I have done ways to read SHTC3 sensor using sparfun library and “rak1901.h” but after uploading the code the circuit cannot be read. hope you will reply and show me how to read it.

Hi @Richard ,

You have to use this library for the rak1901.h

Hi @carlrowan
I am not currently using the RAK1901 circuit, can I use this library to read it? Since I used this library to try and the circuit suffers as I mentioned above, no response was seen.
Can you use this library and show the results here?

It should work on other boards with SHTC3 sensirion sensor.

Here’s my demo test with RAK3172 module using the latest RUI3 version 3.5.3.

Thanks for helping me out, it was my hardware problem and I fixed it.

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