How to receive messages in "downlink" from TTN to LoRa node (RAK811 LPWAN Breakout Module + NodeMCU ESP8266)

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I am sending data from a humidity sensor and the status of a motorized valve from Node (RAK811 Breakout Module) -Gateway (RAK7243C) -TTN-Ubidots. But I can’t get the data sent from TTN to LoRa node. I have tried using the examples from the TTN library
and “RAK811.h” for Arduino. I can’t find a way to receive the data frame in the node, I have tried a function from the TTN library (DHT11) but the node never receives anything. Could someone help me with an example of how to receive the data in the node from TTN?


Please do not cross-post between TTN and here - it becomes confusing for the volunteers answering.

You will get back an AT receive string when you perform an uplink if there is a downlink queued at the server.

Where did you get the RAK811.h from - the simplest library would be the official one:

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Sorry, I’ll be cautious next time. I am using these references

Thanks for the resource, I am using it but I have this problem when compiling in the Arduino IDE

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The Things library is for the Things Uno only. It won’t ever work with the RAK811.

Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the WisNode which I linked to above.

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Which library should you use for the “WishDuino Evaluation Board RAK811 US915”.

The one I linked to above