How to refer to pins in code 5205

I am working with the Rak5205 and want to address the PB3 and PA8 pins. I have tried using PB_3 and PA_8, but they don’t seem to be right. What is the numerical pin number for these?


What do you want to do with these pins?

All I want to do is tell if a pump is on or off as well as be able to turn the pump on and off. This functionality requires a GPIO pin to be set as output and be controllable via ttn messages. Currently I am using the app_5205 from the RAK811 based projects and the online compiler. Is it possible to add this functionality using the serial tool? If not, in the c++ code, what are the numeric pin values for PB_3 and PA_8.

You can refer this doc.The slogan for rui is at the front.

Thank you for the response and the doc. Those values worked, thank you!

I have been using the pin definitions found here:

What does part A and part B mean when it refers to the GPIO pins?

Looks like I am ready to install this thing in the field.

This is just to distinguish.

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