How to Reset the RAK2270 Sticker Tracker?

Is there a way to reset the RAK2270 Full Sticker Trackers? I don’t mean the development boards but the full tracker that is sealed in it’s wrapper.

Background. I have 3 trackers that just stopped working Feb 2nd, 2024. I thought they had all strangely used up their battery but I have now just checked one and it is at full 3.0 V battery. (I used a hair dryer to remove the outer covering) I would like to reset the board. I don’t really want to short the battery, but could un-solder one battery lead and then solder it up again. Anyone have any suggestions. I know the boards try to connect on powerup, so a reset does kind of make sense.

If no one has any suggestions I will completely remove the cover and use my RAKDAP1 to connect and then resetting is easy AT+BOOT then AT+RUN.

If anyone has ideas about why the trackers stopped working? I assume it is a Helium or issue.

Hi @jerteach ,

I haven’t heard anything significant happened on Feb 2. However, I still asked Trackpac team. Can you please send me the DEVEUIs via private message so we can check?