How to restore RAK Hotspot V1 without backup?

SD card is corrupted, I don’t have a backup. How can I do a factory reset and download hotspot software?


Unfortunately this is not possible for a v1 if you have no backup the Swarm Key is kept on the SD card itself, this is the hotspot identity on the blockchain.
Are you sure it is a v1 and can the card not be read at all?


Hello Hobo,
I have V1 and the sd card corrupted as well, I don’t have backup. I’m trying to use data recovery software to read the card… is there specific file that contains the key?

thanks a lot

Hey @WAM ,

Yes there is one, look for the largest partition, it is in:



Thanks Hobo,
I was able to recover some files, problem is all recovered files in one folder,
is there a name for the file and what is the exact size of the file… also if there is a string I can search for
as I have many files recovered without a name.
Thanks again

The name of the file is:


It should be a long string of symbols 46 in length.

I managed to restore the file, swarm_key
any other files I need. I found another file in the same folder “gateway_swarm_key”

I have another V1, I will clone that working SD_Card and replace the swarm_key file on the new SD card, or do you suggest a different way.


Here is the full procedure:

Flash a NEW card using our guide:

Start the miner with the new firmware as normal (it will show a different identity but that’s OK), give it 30 min on Ethernet. Power off, remove the SD card.

Using a system capable of reading Linux (for example Ubuntu) filesystems you’ll want to access the last (largest) partition on the card (make sure you have a proper card reader).

Inside that replace the newly generated data/miner/swarm_key with the swarm_key from your backup

Put the SD card back and restart the miner and it should now adopt the old identity

You don’t need to change any configuration file



I have done everything, hotspot showed online on explorer after a day, but no activity, went back to inactive after two days.
when I try to pair with Helium App it says: Hotspot Pairing Failed, hotspot is unable to respond to requests please reboot and try again later.
when I pair with Hotspot utility app it works it shows that outbound connection is ok, blockchain height 100%…
still can’t pair with helium app.
anything to do?


Can you please share the full report. Do make a backup of that card also.


Here is what I got:


Did you import the swarm key properly?


yes, and on explorer the status changed to active for a day, then back to inactive

Best open up a ticket in our Discord, it will take forever in the forums to troubleshoot.