How to save data in the RAK4631?

Can the RAK4631 board save data and how much storage does it have?

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The RAK4631 does not have any NVRAM, so writing data into the flash is the only option.
But this has to be done careful, because the flash memory has limited write/erase cycles (much lower than EEPROM). I propose to use our FRAM modules (e.g. RAK15003) to store data if it has to be written very often.


See @beegee’s code for modifying Flash memory. It makes the process very simple.

FRAM is very useful for storing frequently changing values. No worry of wearing out the cells.

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thanks for the information

Are there RAK temperature and humidity sensors with a cover?
as shown in the image below.

Not as WisBlock modules.

But we have our WisNode SensorHub as a solution for outdoor sensors. But the source code for that device is not open source.

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Where can I find technical support for RAK, to ask questions about development boards and modules?