How to set up LTE on RAK7249?

(Roman St) #1

I’m not able to get LTE backhaul working on RAK7249. I programmed correct APN for my SIM. The cellular network gets recognized, but no IP address gets assigned and RX is not changing (only TX counter is increasing).

I disconnected from WAN ethernet connection, but cellular still did not activate.

Do I need to configure anything else to get cellular working?

(yutao) #2

@roman Did you enter the APN correctly?

(Roman St) #3

yes, I did, according to MVNO

(yutao) #4

As you can see from your screenshot, LTE has been successfully registered on the cellular network. But did not get an IP address. This is usually caused by incorrect APN or username/password. Can you confirm with the operator that the APN is correct and does it need to fill in the username and password?

(Roman St) #5

This SIM works fine with my Multitech gateway with the same APN (with no username/password), so I doubt this is the issue.

Will the gateway auto-switch to cellular if no Ethernet is connected? I keep WiFi in Access Point mode to be able to login and see the dashboard. Would it interfere?

(Ricardo) #6

Hi Roman

Did you solve your problem?
I 'm evaluating use RAK7249 in my project…

thanks for your answer…


(Roman St) #7

@RicardoVR, no I didn’t get cellular working. I don’t have another vendor SIM to try with, in case it is MVNO compatibility issue (although I doubt it is since this SIM and APN setup works fine in Multitech Conduit). Otherwise, backhaul works fine with Ethernet and WiFi.

(Roman St) #8

Even if I got cellular to work, the gateway is not very friendly for this. To insert the SIM, you have to open a dozen or so screws, and one of them is right behind GPS antenna connector, so you also have to remove this connector to open the cover. Then, there are no externally visible status LED’s, after you close the lid, so it’s hard to see what’s going on if you have cellular connectivity issues (eg. due to poor coverage).